5 Easy Ways (Besides Meditation) to Raise Your Consciousness

Updated: May 24

I actually love meditating. But not that long ago I would have groaned at another article telling me to meditate (so I’ll save that for a whole other article…). So, here are the fastest ways you can tap into higher consciousness without having to sit in silence with your eyes shut.

1. Tap into your inner child

Children are the most conscious beings, simply due to the fact that they are the least tainted of our species. They can make friends in two seconds flat or start conversations out of thin air. They speak what they feel and they speak their truth. They are just here to explore the world and experience fun things. THAT is the exact energy you must tap into if you want to raise your consciousness. Forget about pleasing or impressing people. Explore your life as if it were brand new and do what you want for once.

2. Actually feel grateful for what you have

We have so much to be grateful for, but most of us are simply too used to what we have, that we look right past it at what we don’t. But guess what? Focusing on lack creates more lack. But focusing on what you’re grateful for? Creates more things to be grateful for. It takes practice to find gratitude when you’ve gone years doing the opposite, so make it part of your daily routine to remind yourself until you feel it. Not only for things you currently have, but beautiful memories from your past that you are grateful to have experienced. With enough practice gratitude will flow naturally through you, raising the frequency of gratitude in your body and thereby attracting more of it into your life. It only took me about a week or two into practicing gratitude when I actually started to feel grateful. Random memories would pop into my head out of nowhere, and I’d start smiling or crying for the sheer joy to have experienced those memories firsthand (and this is coming from someone who also used to roll her eyes at the word "gratitude").

3. Seeing things from another's point of view

Consciousness does not exist without the ability for one to look past their own biases and see through the lens of another. A true sign of spiritual growth is understanding that everyone struggles, everyone hurts. Pain is not exclusive to you and your life only. Pain is a natural part of the human condition, and we must experience it to understand the true meaning of life. Negative people are just unhappy with themselves and are in more pain than they can handle. Everyone was put on earth for their own unique reason, which is why following your own gut is the only way to go. Most adults have no idea what they are doing, so they dictate the lives of others for some semblance of control. Once you understand all of these concepts and realize that no human is more special than the other, that we all have the same potential to succeed in life, you will feel a weight lifted off your chest.

4. Be honest with yourself about your feelings

OK, this one is tough (but by all means if it is too tough for you, try meditating!) because it requires a lot of getting to know yourself. You must learn why you do the things that you do. Wouldn’t it be great to find out the real reason why certain things trigger you? If you could significantly lower the amount of things that annoy you? We all have our flaws, but understanding yours can be life-changing. If you are generally a negative, ungrateful, mean, or judgmental person, there is a fear hiding somewhere deep beyond that negativity. It could be an insecurity you are hiding from everyone, a feeling you are trying to block out, a sour projection from your childhood, etc. Either way, fear is present. Because the only two emotions that exist are love and fear. There is nothing else. Positivity means love, and negativity means fear.

5. Raise consciousness while you sleep

For those looking for a super simple consciousness hack that requires no real effort (just so you can't say the title is clickbait!), I highly suggest falling asleep to affirmation videos on YouTube. This one is my favorite because it is a soft women's voice speaking nothing but positive, uplifting affirmations for overall confidence, wealth and success. But it works, because I always wake up feeling extra good about myself, and content about where I'm at in life. Our subconscious rules our lives, so it is absolutely necessary to reprogram it and feed it nothing but positivity whenever we can.



Photo by Gabrielle Henderson on Unsplash



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