6 Top Traits of Introverts that Nobody Understands

Updated: May 25

No one gets introverts. That's because society denies our nature of being. Loud people get praised, quiet people get shunned. I've gone through a good 15+ years of being called rude, aloof, distant, or stuck-up bitch. All because I'm not as outgoing as people expect me to be just by looking at my face.

Honestly, I think it's because I'm a woman. There, I said it. The quiet, stone-cold face of a woman is too much for some people to handle. It threatens them too much. But when a man is cold and quiet? Oh, he's brooding. He's being a serious, thoughtful man. But me? No, I'm not thinking deep thoughts. I couldn't possibly be. With what brain? I'm just a bitch.

And I can't lie. Being called a bitch by everyone you've never spoken to before, eventually makes you start to feel like one. But in an empowering sort of way... Like yeah, I'm a bitch. So don't f*** with me.

1. Introverts live in their head

Yes, we live inside the vast universe that is our brain. My brain could keep me company for days, weeks, if not months on end. I'm serious.

2. Introverts are masters of disguise

If I had a dollar for every person out there who knows me by name, but hasn't the smallest inkling of who I am... DAMN. Well, I should've asked them all for a dollar cause I'd be rich.

3. Introverts recharge their batteries in solitude

Being around people is energy draining for us. I'm not saying it's not fun, it just slowly dwindles our energy away. Kind of like how it provides energy to extroverts.

4. Society glorifies the extrovert lifestyle

Despite many famous writers, musicians, philosophers, and overall truly poetic artists of our time being introverted (you can thank us for all that twisted, emotional artwork, btw), being loud, chatty, and wanting to spend all your time with other people is still seen as the socially acceptable way to go about life.

5. Introverts are seen as "rude"

It's a proven psychological fact that the way people see you has the power to not only control how you see yourself, but who you become. If someone calls you rude over and over again for no specific reason (i.e. being quiet because for you, quiet = peace), chances are you are going to start portraying some rude characteristics... So please stop calling us that.

6. Introverts save their energy for a select few

Contrary to popular belief, introverts love people. So much in fact, that we want to devour your entire brain and all that deep, emotional pain that lies within it. We LOVE deep conversations, analyzing other people's feelings, diving into your psyche. Small talk doesn't do it for us. So when we find people we truly love talking to (...analyzing), we tend to save all our energy for them and them only (diving into people's psyches takes a lot of effort, OK?). And ourselves, of course.



Photo by Keenan Constance on Unsplash



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