Light Will Always Drown Out The Dark

A reminder for anyone going through dark times:

Light kills the dark, but no amount of darkness could ever kill the light. When you look at this from that perspective, it makes you realize that this is true for well... everything.

Take the moon and the sun for example. The moon shines at night ever so softly, yet not enough to create light here on earth. The moon is more like a dimly lit glow lamp. But the sun shines so bright, it would actually burn you if ever you got too close. And I hear people have walked on the moon...

Put the sun next to the moon, and NO amount of shining that the moon can do will ever drown out the sun. The sun will always drown out the moon, end of story.

Light will always drown out the dark. End of story.



Photo by Patrick Selin on Unsplash



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