pandemic diaries

Updated: May 24

All we have in life is ourselves and what we make of it.

Being isolated from everyone makes you face yourself on a level no other person could. Without the noise of other people's thoughts & opinions, you begin to realize what you actually care about. I didn't think a global pandemic was what it would take to make me understand how important it is to regularly distance yourself from people. That sometimes, you need to quiet down the noise in order to hear your own soul speaking to you. That you need to get to know yourself before investing in anyone else. But how many of us actually know ourselves? How many of us are drowning out our deepest desires in attempt to please or impress other people?

It takes long periods of self-reflection to know who you truly are. If you are alone or "bored at home", try focusing on yourself for once in your life. See it as a gift. I don't care how social of a person you are, stop filling your time with social media and chatting with friends. This time is for YOU, not them. True friends can and will wait for you. It's time to cultivate your own hobbies and passions, something that's all yours and no one else can touch.

Write down 5 things you always wished you could do, but never did out of fear of being judged (home-friendly activities):


start a blog

start a YouTube channel

make music

write a book

start an online business

Now go do all of those things as if your life depended on it, because it just might.





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