The 6 Superhuman Powers of Empaths

Updated: May 28

Empaths already know they are superhuman. It's convincing everyone else that we are that's the hard part... so here's proof.

1. We care a lot about people: With boundaries, this is powerful. Without… they will destroy you.

Because we care so much about our fellow human beings, it gives us this edge over people who, well... don’t. People trust us. We become secret keepers. We get the behind-the-scenes look of people's lives. We learn so much through other people’s feelings and story-telling. And then (if you are like me) you analyze all this human behavior, connect the dots and realize that… all people are the same.

2. We are considered more evolved... a sign of human evolution even!

Because we can take in large amounts of sensory data at a time, we are able to feel and understand multiple complex emotions at once. This gives us a wider perspective on human emotion and behavior, allowing us to see from “all sides of the same coin” and sympathize with practically everyone. And since human connection is pretty much the most important thing in the world, I think you can already guess why this is a superpower...

3. In tune with people and the environment

We take in so much sensory data all at once, as if our brains are actual computer processors. This makes us hypersensitive to what people are thinking, who is being disingenuous, who may be dangerous, who is friend or foe. All within the first few seconds of speaking to a person. Or if you are like me, you have actual psychic powers and can predict how well you will get along with someone based on their photograph. Or have visions of how your relationship with someone will pan out upon first meeting them.

4. Psychic abilities

On top of being the highly evolved, intuitive, caring, human lie-detectors that we are, apparently we are psychic, too! Being an empath is just great. (I shall talk in-depth about visions and psychic powers in an upcoming post.)

5. Super strong intuition: We intuitively know when someone is lying to us. And the bigger the lie, the more we know.

Because we read people’s energies so well, we know when they are lying because their energy no longer matches their words. Little, white lies might get past us simply because our intuition will shrug them off. But what if you cheat on an empath? Steal from an empath? Tell an empath you had "good intentions" when doing that bad thing you did, when in fact you did not? The empath will know. (However, this doesn't necessarily mean they will confront you about it... Click here to unlock the reasons on why an empath won't tell you that they can see right through you.)

6. We have a presence that most people don’t

When you talk to an empath, you will feel their presence. We don’t like to half-listen or stare at our phones while you speak. Again, because people are so stimulating to us (due to our massive computer processing brains), their energy is often too heavy for us to ignore. We can’t help but feel affected by it. And by affected, I mean feel whatever you feel. If you are nervous, we will feel it. If you are insecure or hiding something, we will feel it. If you are secretly excited to be talking to us but you're trying to act cool about it, we will still feel it. This makes it extremely difficult for us to divide our attention when you speak. But please note, this does not necessarily mean that an empath is enjoying your company. I know how confusing this may sound to a non-empath, but it is the main reason why an empath with no boundaries gets taken advantage of. We are simply too in sync with human emotion to not be fully present when speaking one-on-one with someone. This has its pros and cons. You are able to bond with people you like at an accelerated rate! But you are not able to easily tear yourself away from people whose energies you don’t particularly vibe with. However, speaking in groups is different. 2+ people = stimulation overload… so you will probably notice us zoning out here and there (like an overloaded computer) to slow down the speed of our sensory processing. Now do you understand why empaths are so hard to understand?

So there you go. I’m sure we have lots more powers but first, we must raise our consciousness even higher to discover what those might be! Because at the end of the day, a highly conscious empath is probably the closest the world could ever get to a real-life superhero.



Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash



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